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Less Jobs and Lower Paying Ones.

Did upwork start changing policies that effect the frequency of jobs being posted and the budgets set by the clients? I'm seeing an extremely limited amount of jobs recently and work that was previously budgeted for 200+ is no longer there. 


I'm finding clients budgets only ranging from $5- $50 for work that's expert level.  It makes no sense. 


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thats what i had posted 2-3 days back..atleast have some budget limit for different experience levels...$10-15 jobs are also posted for experts..


and no doubt the number of jobs being posted are going doing atleast in graphic designing catagory..

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Yes, that's correct.


But every time you say the truth the mods censor you, so watch out. I discovered 2 very worrying issues and they simply deleted the posts to avoid people know about them

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