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Less awarded projects?


I was wondering if there is less awarded projects here.
Or just my experience.
I usually have messages after sending bids quite often.
But noticed that the last time there is less.

Anyone else being having less work on here ?

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In Jan/Feb I've put in the most proposals I've ever put in in one month on Upwork and only this week did I get three offers (all on the same day). And quite a few interviews came to nothing (so far) as well because the clients haven't hired anyone - not on Upwork anyway.


But that's self-employment for you - valleys to peaks and back to valleys Smiley Wink


Personally, I've found clients trying to negotiate a lower fee too but I'm not willing to go below my threshold. So maybe it's a "time-of-the-year thing".



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I've noticed a significant lull over the last 2-3 months.

Same thing. Fewer replies to proposals, and fewer jobs from those that do reply. COVID can't be helping. It's also usually a bit quieter this time of year anyway.

So it's not only me then. Thanks for telling.

Thought if Covid was one reason. 

Will wait and see. Have spent more bids than I usually do. 

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