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Less jobs on upwork 2023

Hey there, 

I joined Upwork in 2020 and all this time I've been monitoring the stats, especially the number of clients who place their job postings each month.

1. Since the beginning of 2023 I've noticed that fewer and fewer clients post their jobs on Upwork. The number of job postings has dropped down drastically since than.

3. I haven't been getting any invitations (not even a single one)

Has anyone else noticed that? and if so what are the possible reasons for that?

Many thanks,

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I don't think I ever got a decent invitation on Upwork, so that hasn't changed for me.

I can't tell for sure if the number of job posts has fallen, but I can tell you that the amount of scam jobs on Upwork has increased dramatically, especially in the last couple of months. It'd be great if Upwork focused on that instead of implementing unpopular changes that benefit no one and make the platform even worse.

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I applied to 2 jobs for last month. Never hired but it is not related. No jobs at all. Before i saw an 5-10 jobs fit my skills hourly at daytime or 1-2 at night.

Maybe search is broken. Anyone know how to reset AI proposed MyFeed?

But look like clients already gone.

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It really depends on what job category you are specializing and skill level.


You are in a very competitive job category with other freelancers and generative AI is reducing the number of Entry and Intermediate jobs.


Use the Upwork or a Google search for the most in-demand 2023 jobs on Upwork. Expand your Skills into better paying more in-demand areas.


It does pay off. I have completed 35 Jobs in the first quarter of 2023 and my skills are at Expert level on the in-demand Upwork list.

I'm graphic designer 



Yes that is a category that generative AI is competing with Entry and Intermediate jobs.

wow, it really does have impact. ðŸ˜¯

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I don't understand why reputable customers post jobs but no one gets interviewed

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I agree with opinions around, "clients got turned-off after opening 10+ proposals (which are all garbage)".


I think I saw a client's rant about this as well.

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No, I don't think so. I am very much happy with Upwork and I am getting response from every bid. I wanna you to recommend this useful site related to such topics so that it will be easy for you to write an essay. you will also get help from here and students' coursework online to boost your college performance.

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There are no jobs, in fact, only jobs paying $3-$4 per hour, where London's Minimum wage is £11.29 ph.

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