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Lifetime earnings on profile question

Ace Contributor

Hi all 🙂
I have a question.

I found some mismatch between my lifetime billings and the total sum that shows on my profile a few days ago.

Basically I thought that I should be $20k+ by now (which turns out isn't the case yet, but I am close)


To calculate my earnings I have looked at the Earnings by Client report page and on my Transaction History report page. The two total sums weren't the same.

I thought that this is because I didn't merge my Elance account in the right way, and that maybe this was the problem.

So I have reached out to CS to clarify if my Elance account is merged,

and also to see if they could shed some light on how the earnings that are shown on a freelancer profile are calculated.


The total sum that they gave me was actually even lower than the one I have previously calculated.
When I have asked why, I got a response that

"the Lifetime Billings page includes service fees BUT which may still be excluded on your running total on the profile, thus this information is not always the same ( Profile vs Lifetime Billings)"


I am confused by this.
Why would fees be deducted from the sum shown on a freelancer profile?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zelimir,


I can confirm that total earnings on your profile reflect your net earnings, after the service fee has been deducted. Please check and let me know if you're seeing anything differently.