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Limitation of 10 skills

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Trevor C Member Since: Jun 11, 2019
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Hello. I tried to optimize my skill list but I found the limit of 10 skills to be very constricting. The skill list seems VERY comprehensive but I was not able to pick an equally comprehensive set of skills for which I am qualified. Eg the list has audio editing, sound editing, dialog editing, etc. that’s 3 terms which are closely related. And similar variety exists for audio mixing, production, and so on. I’m not sure which of these are more searched for. Thus I’m unsure of how to optimize my profile. Are these grouped so that if someone searches for audio editing they also see people who have the skill of sound editing? That would be helpful.
Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Trevor,


Please note that you can include additional skills in your profile overview. Also, you can consider creating separate specialized profiles for services within your field which differ from your primary service. I also expect you'll soon receive advice from experienced freelancers.

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Trevor C Member Since: Jun 11, 2019
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Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. The specialized profiles actually don’t include the regular skill list. They have specialty lists - for audio editing it only includes a software proficiency list. Anyway I’m really just talking about making the most out of one specific feature (the skills list). I guess the bigger picture here is that I am trying to figure out how to best connect with clients. While it’s great to see how many people discovered my profile, without knowing how exactly they found me it’s hard to know where to focus in order to keep my profile concise. And if I have to be selective about which skills I include I want to ensure that I’m not shooting myself in the foot by going with “audio engineer” instead of “sound engineer”.