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Limitations for Employers

Hello Everyone,


I don't know if this topic was discussed earlier or not. But 


We freelancers have limitations like 20 jobs per week. But clients have no restrictions about hiring or job post. for job post we can't impose any restriction nor Odesk will due to business purposes. But there should be a limitation on minimum hire rate. Why???


We freelancers apply for a job & lose our 1 application but client do not hire anyone from the job & everyone who applied for that job has lost 1 out of 20 for no reason. 


I have seen clients with 40% hire rate? why????


what you guyz would say on this??



P.S i lost 8 app in this way in last week. Client hired none from that job.


Yes it is a concern that job postings are left open for long months without hiring and clients often make duplicate job postings and do not even bother closing them. 


Until odesk comes up with a time limit for open job postings you can still get your application quota back by withdrawing your application from old job posts. I do that from time to time when I had reached my maximum application limit.

You can do this by going to your "Job Applications" tab. Then click on a link to some really old and deserted job post that you have applied to which shows no recent client activity. On the job Application page, click on "Withdraw this Application".

This will recycle your application back into your job quota. I am not sure about what is the time taken after withdrawl for application to appear again in quota. I think it was 24 hrs or one week. You can check odesk help articles for that.

Thank you for pointing it out. Although i am doing this practice but still why clients are around with this much low hire rate?


Why do we do double work? Why can't Odesk just set some standards for employers as well. 


I am sorry if my tone feels furious. But i am just way too tired of applying & than keep looking for weeks & than withdraw.


If Odesk do impose some restricitons like 80-85% hire rate than i think it would be good. Atleast reduced work for us.

Creating a quota for a hire rate means that clients (not employers, clients) will sometimes be forced to hire someone when they can't find anyone who is right for the job. That will mean unsatisfied clients and disputes. 

In that case they can atleast delete the job post or atleast close it so freelancers do not have a "WASTED" job application.


They have always got option of inviting freelancer to apply to his/her job. They can invite someone appropriate to apply & than hire.



The hire rate isn't accurate. I have a hire rate of ~36% on my client account yet out of 20 or so jobs, I was only not able to fill 3. I think the hire rate, in typical oDesk nonsense fashion, is calculated based on number of interviews not number of jobs filled so it doesn't make sense to pay any attention to it as I think it's common practice to interview several freelancers to find the best fit.

Yeah, sorry i missed this point.


Calculations should be hired * 100 / required hiring


Required hiring means = # of freelancer he wanted. 

let say 

he posted 5 jobs & # of freelancer required were 1,1,3,1,1 = 7


He hired 3 of them so hire rate is 3*100/7 =42.9%


& than implement hire rate of 75%


Make it compulsory to hire within a dead line such as employer will be asked at the time of writing job post that in how many days he is going to hire. If Employer checked 5 days & there is no hire within those days employer will receive a notification to take action in next 24 hours. No action, job post deleted.



Problem is resolved.



Agreeing with Marcia's points, I think it will be unfair for clients under many circumstances and will force many good clients to exit odesk meaning less jobs for us. 

Eg. Many clients have often very complicated tasks required (which are sometimes technologically impossible) that even experienced freelancers can not deliver upon easily when discussed in detail and lead to no hires.

On a more personal experience, I have a hiring rate of 50% because I have only posted 2 jobs and hired for one. Does that mean my account will be banned Smiley Sad


I guess best odesk can do is to close/hide the job postings more frequently in case client has not viewed the job post and has not responded to notifications from odesk. 


ofcourse not this early you will be banned. There should be no limit for first 10-20 job posts. 


This is just what we are discussing. Till yet odesk knows nothing about it. I just wanted to send a suggestion about this matter. But than i thought i should know other opinion as well.



Clients will leave but explore this forum & you will see freelancers are leaving.

As a client I can tell you the hire rate is so far from accurate it is pathetic.

I won't get into all the ways it can is messed up but just believe me that it is.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. As it was mentioned earlier on this thread, we cannot force clients to hire freelancers. Additionally, job postings auto-close unless the client extends the date. Clients receive a notification about it.


Also, as was advised by others here, you can always withdraw your application. Note that, your quota refreshes twice a day.

~ Valeria

Thank you for your answer Valeria. 


It cleared couple of things.



Oh my goodness, people! To whoever thinks things should be the same for clients and contractors: Just stop!!

This isn't a basketball game wherein we demand that the basket be the same height for both teams. This is a forum through which people have the opportunity to send money to strangers for doing things they don't know how to do or don't have the time or inclination to do themselves.

We don't want to put a bunch of limitations on clients!
As a contractor, it is in my best interest to have fewer limitations on clients.
I make more money when there are fewer limitations on clients, because oDesk becomes a more attractive place to them and then there are more clients and more potential jobs.

If I had my way, every client would get a free hot biscuit and a back rub every time they post a job, and contractors would get nothing of the sort. And it would not be fair at all, and that would be awesome.

I don't want oDesk to be fair. I want oDesk to be profitable. There are those among us who have a political mindset or ideological perspective who want everything to be fair, without thinking about how that could be a detriment to contractors. You should think about the economics of the system, not just about perceived injustices.

The simple fact is that despite hundreds and maybe thousands of bad apples, the vast majority of clients are pretty great folks who have their acts together enough that they are in positions of responsibility that allow them to hire contractors.

I will demand that clients and contractors both be treated with respect and fairness. Period.

But should all things be "equal"? No, not unless clients and contractors pay each other equal amounts of money.

The truth is that what we as contractors provide in labor and expertise and work product is MORE VALUABLE than the money clients pay us.

So things will never be one hundred percent balanced. Nevertheless, we want what clients offer us (money, work experience, feedback, adventure, diversion, but mostly money), and we'll get more of what they offer if we make oDesk more attractive, not more combative or more "fair".

"I don't want oDesk to be fair. I want oDesk to be profitable"


I believe in fairness. I really do. But honestly, I came here in search of profit... so, I must admit I agree with you. Clients and freelancers should not be treated the same way, simply because they're not the same. As a freelancer, I'm ok with some restrictions (the 25 weekly applications, for instance), since they don't affect my ability to work at all (usually, I manage to get a decent job after 5-10 applications max, and I'm not a genius or what...). But it makes no sense at all to apply those restrictions to clients as well: you cannot force a client to hire someone. If you do so, chances are that the client will not post any other job in the future. 


Probably it's a controversial topic, but I really think that oDesk should be appealing to clients, in first place. That's where money comes from. Satisfied clients = more jobs = more money = more clients (by word of mouth) = more freelancers hired = more freelancers paid = satisfied freelancers. And we all win.


So, yes, I prefer oDesk to be profitable, rather than fair.  

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
―Stephen King, The Gunslinger

Well you guyz are write as well. When it comes to profitability, sometimes we have to compromise on other thing. So till yet i think i did not get enough profit that's why i was not compromising. LOL 😛


& on the other end whole discussion was just about saving freelancer from getting his application waste. You do not want to hire. Simply close. 


No hard feelings plz

As Valeria pointed out: "[...] job postings auto-close unless the client extends the date."


You shouldn't really worry too much about that, then... plus, every week your application quota is restored, so you can keep on applying. My advice is simple: choose wisely among  job postings. You'll surely find out that some jobs are worthwhile, some others are not. I know, it takes time to get used to, but in the end you'll be able to pick up the most appropriate ones. It also takes time to build a reputation here: clients tend to be a little "suspicious" towards new freelancers, as the latter have just a few (or no) feedbacks. It took me three months to get my very first job on oDesk. Then it took me another month to get the second one. Then it took me a couple of weeks for the third, and so on. As you slowly build a good feedback history, you'll notice that more clients will be interested in your services. Hopefully, you'll even find some long-term jobs, or clients who just keep calling you for several tasks... don't give up, work on your profile, keep on applying, put your best efforts in your jobs, and you won't have to worry about clients restricions at all.


Smiley Happy



“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
―Stephen King, The Gunslinger

This is one 'hot' thread with a lot of creative writing! lol....

It should have nothing to do with "equality" among clients and freelancers. In this case, it's simply about whether or not freelancers have a reasonable chance to win job bids on this platform.

Given the situations involving hidden applications, fewer invitations, and the ineffectiveness of job search features available for freelancers, there needs to be ways to minimize the growing number of frivolous job postings appearing on this platform.

How many hours are needed to find the best jobs and the best clients, that is, what the freelancer feels is the best match for them, when a lot of job postings result in no hires at all. It's akin to the risk–return tradeoff. How much time are you willing to loose searching for jobs with no results and no gain?

Edited 01/09/2015 RT/lwm

Ron aka LanWanMan

Thank you everyone for your opinion, comments & guidelines. That was the reason i posted my words here. It seems pretty clear i was wrong but now i am thinking in a different way. Thank you every one 🙂