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Listing Upwork on Linkedin Profile

Hi All,


I would like to add my freelance work on Upwork to my Linkedin Profile. When I add experience on Linkedin, would that be problem to select Upwork from Company dropdown or what should I select?. I mean, tehcnically I do not work at Upwork, I am freelancer on Upwork and doing projects with clients. So in that case would that be ethical to select "Upwork" from company selection? 


Thanks in advance!


Community Member

Hi Hale,


Sorry about the delayed response. You can definitely include your experience as a freelancer on Upwork in your LinkedIn profile. However, as you correctly noted Upwork isn't your employer. I believe most freelancers would put "self-employed" or the name of their own business in the description in such situations. 

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,

I have a long-term contract with a client through Upwork. Is it ok to list my client as my current employer on LinkedIn? I have already talked to them and they have no problems with this, we just want to make sure Upwork is ok with this too

Hi Jaminson,


As confirmed by our team, this should not be an issue. If your client is okay with it, then you may add the information to your LinkedIn profile. 

~ Joanne
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