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Liveaboard Sea Captain with no land-based address


Hi, I am a UK citizen, but I live aboard my ship in Cape Verde. I had an account here previously, and worked for many years as a writer, proofreader and editor. I am having difficulty creating an account due to not having an address. How can I overcome this?


Jake B wrote:

Haha, thanks Petra - yes, everything was fine until the virus, I was making money with my ship from tourists. Unfortunately there are no longer tourists. Which is why I thought to come back to working here. How do I get further support on this? I don't think my previous account exists, unless they have kept it archived somewhere. 

If it was on Upwork or oDesk it still exists. If it was on Elance it's gone.


Fingers crossed the tourists will soon be able to return. I was looking at Cape Verde at one point as a place to relocate to but went to Italy instead.


Let me flag your post so a mederator can get support to contact you. If your original profile could be found, that would make all the difference as you'd have history. Good luck to you!

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ezgif-3-1969fbb478.jpgLol, Thanks Jamie. The main reason I wore my Captain's hat was that I needed a photo without sunglasses, and had none, but I also needed a hair cut. 😉

Here's one of our ship too.  

Oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS!

All the very best of luck to you!!!! I want to think that you'll weather this storm and you and your family can continue that lifestyle.