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Local Bank Transfer Payment Processor in Bangladesh

I'm wondering if Upwork has changed their payment processor Transfast for Direct to Local Bank Transfer!

There's two reason why I'm wondering! Most of the time I use Local Bank Transfer from Upwork simply because it is the fastest and convenient withdrawal method for me. I mostly get the money in my local bank account within 10-30 minutes of withdrawal. After each withdrawal I get a payment confirmation email from Upwork which clearly states "Note: We are using a payment processor Transfast to process Direct to Local Bank Transfers."

But I noticed this note was missing from my last 2 withdrawals! First one was 4th December and the second was 15th December! Unsurprisingly, the money was deposited to my bank account the next day 5th December then I checked the transaction details and found that the deposit was made from another bank in my country, not from Transfast!

Now the second withdrawal was 15th December and this time too the note about Transfast was missing from the confirmation email! I got the "payment processed" email after 4-5 hours of withdrawal but the money has not been deposited to my bank account yet!

So I would really appreciate a confirmation from Upwork if they had permanently cut ties with Transfast as their local bank transfer payment processor in Bangladesh or not. If yes then who is the new payment processor for local bank transfer?

Note: I was very satisfied with Transfast's services! 99% time I got the money in my bank account within 10-30 minutes of withdrawal which I think was equivalent of instant deposit! No one likes to wait!
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Hi Md Ashifur,


We use different payment processors depending on location. However, I won't be able to provide further details about what payment processor is used. It can still take up to four business days for a Direct to Local Bank transfer to arrive.

~ Valeria

Upwork used to disclose the name of payment processor in payment confirmation email only when it was Transfast and yes their service was top-notch!

For last two payments, I didn't see their name which definitely means Upwork is not using Transfast anymore which is worrying for me as well as my other fellow Upworkers in Bangladesh!

This new payment processor's name that Upwork & even you are unwilling to disclose can't be a good sign!

I've seen several threads concerning unusual delays in local bank transfer last few days here in Upwork community so that can't be co-incidence!

I request as a regular Upwork user to the concerning department of Upwork that they re-instate Transfast as their local bank transfer payment processor in Bangladesh. We Bangladeshi freelancers were really happy with their services.

I’ve a connection in Transfast Dhaka office and they couldn’t track any of my payments that they processed after December 4 though I’ve have received 3 more payments after that date. They’re also informing me that Upwork might switched to other payment processor. Requesting Upwork to stick to Transfast as they’re the best processor among all. Thanks


I would really appreciate if you could share my feedback to the concerned department. Thank you.
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Hi there,

I’m experiencing the same issue this time around. Following this thread! Thanks

Its not only you and me! @Shahidul
I heard other freelancers are also having this same issue!

Transfast was reliable and very fast!

Absolutely agreed!
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It's very disappointing for us, I also face the delays. Upwork should back in transfast.

Hi Sujon,


I checked the transaction and can confirm that it was successful from our end. Please note that Direct to Local Bank transaction is processed within four business days. If the transaction still hasn't reflected on your account after eight business days, you can come back here, and we will assist you further. Please also take note that bank holidays both in the U.S, and your location may affect these withdrawals. In the meantime, please read up on this help article for more information about Direct to Local Bank Timings and Fees.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Dude I had the same issue, Normally it only takes 30-60 minutes to process. But it's been 3 days and i haven't received the payment to my local bank account.

I hope upwork team really put an effort to solve this issue.

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