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Local Job Blocked

Why can't I access a local job? When I click on it, it says, 

Access denied

Unfortunately, this job post is not accessible to users in your location.



I would think that if local jobs are positioned at the top of my feed, that I would be able to access them. Why can't I access this job?

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Brian, since I can't see the job, I can only guess, but perhaps you don't live in the state the client specified when posting the job?

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Hi Brian,


Can you please share the job post link or the job post title so I can check this for you? Thank you!

~ Joanne


The title is **edited for Community Guidelines**


I've just started on Upwork, and it'd be great to start with a local business. Thanks, Brian.

Hi Brian, 

I looked into the job post, and it looks like you do not meet the location requirement that the client has set, as the client set a specific location for this job. 

Just the same, the Customer Support Team has reached out to you to assist you further.

~ Avery

Thank you for the reply, but I'm sorry this doesn't seem right. The location pin on their job posting is "United States". 


1) Can you tell me what location they are looking for?

2) Are you sure there isn't something wrong with this posting (either from Upwork or the client)? They have had a posting for days, and it shows as having 0-5 proposals for what seems like a standard request. 


Thank you very much! Brian.

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