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Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Kate,


If an established freelancer doesn't earn money on Upwork for 30 days, their profile visibility will automatically change to private. This is checked daily, not once a month. If you aren't regularly earning on our platform, your profile may be set to private, even if you submit proposals and interview frequently. There are different ways of setting your profile to public again, one of which is contacting us directly so that we can set your profile visibility to public.

I have already set your profile visibility as requested. If your profile is set to private again after 30-days, or sometime in the future, check out the options listed in the email notification or in the pop up on Find Work page to set it back to public. You may read more about this in this help article.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Shekay,


Freelancers' profiles will be changed to private if they haven't earned for the past 30 days. This means that you will not appear in search results but clients will be able to see your proposals and check out your profile. We've reset your profile visibility back to "public". For more information, please check this help article. Thank you!


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Sharon B Member Since: Sep 27, 2019
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I'd like to know more about why my account was set to private. I've earned $1,000.00 since signing up, worked for 3 clients (one returning) and I send out proposals every week. I have a 5 star rating from all my clients. I understand the policy that if I have not earned in 30 days I am set in invisible - I just don't understand how that helps anyone. 

Your advice is the "Start earning again"....well, you are making it even more difficult with this policy!!

Perhaps I need to work on my profile or update my portfolio, but I don't understand how it helps to shut down my visibility. Maybe if you could provide some more actionable instructions instead of just "start earning again", it would actually help me start earring again.

I've followed all the rules, am working my ass off to promote myself and getting 0 support from Upwork....just a slap on the wrist and insulting instructions.


How does this policy encourage me to work harder?

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Sharon B wrote:

I'd like to know more about why my account was set to private.

Apparently, you already know....


Sharon B wrote:

 I understand the policy that if I have not earned in 30 days I am set in invisible

See? You **do** know.


Just request to be set to visible again. What difference does it make? Clients you apply to can see your profile anyway.


Sharon B wrote:

How does this policy encourage me to work harder?

What makes you think it's about "encouraging" you?


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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "How does this policy encourage me to work harder?"


Sharon: The policy is there to help clients.


Think about it:

You want to hire a freelancer on Upwork to use Adobe Illustrator to create a medical illustration. You do a search, and find pages of freelancers who meet your search criteria. You start sending out invitations to freelancers whose profiles you like... but you don't hear back from any of them! Then, as you look more closely, you see that the people you invited have not been active on the platform for years. They may no longer even use Upwork.


Wouldn't it be easier for you if the search results only returned freelancers who actively WANT to receive invitations? Who are actively using the Upwork platform and looking for invitations and jobs?

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Phyllis G Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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It's a bit of a nuisance but a necessary one. There are gazillions of FLs on this platform who have never earned a dime; and bazillions who earned at some point in time but have not been active here in a while. When a client searches, none of us want them having to plow through all those inactive FLs because (1) it gives them an inaccurate impression of the active, responsive FL pool, and (2) makes it more difficult for them to find FLs who are qualified and likely to respond to their invitations. Hence, the 30-day earning cutoff.

Only part of my work is on UW, so I may go for several months without earning anything here. Every time it hits 30 days, they switch me to Private and I request they switch me back and they do. I got highly irritated the first time, then decided I have better things to do with my energy.


Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Sharon,


I checked your account, and it looks like you already reached out to our team via a support ticket. Your profile visibility has already been reset back to public, and the team has also shared with more information about profile visibility. Thank you.

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Nahla K Member Since: Jan 12, 2020
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This is Nahla Kanaan from Beirut, Lebanon.
I am a freelancer and I am search from virtual online job.
You have set my profile to private because I haven't earned anything yet.
I have not yet been able to find any work through Upwork. As I am not American and do not reside in the United States.
Will it be possible for me to find any online job through you Website?
Thanking you.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Nahla,


I’ve reset your profile visibility back to public. Just so that you are aware, freelancers with no earnings in 30 days will have their profile set to private (locked) automatically. To avoid this, you can resume earnings on a new contract or upgrade your membership to the Plus plan. You can check out more info about this here.

To learn more about getting started on Upwork check out our resources Here. Thank you.

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RONALD D Member Since: Sep 11, 2015
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Why they set my profile to private? I haven't earned money for 3 weeks. I kept on applying but I'm not lucky. I have 19 jobs on progress but those clients have no available work for now.

I hope this could be changed. I think this is kind of greedy. They should help some poor freelancers, I can buy some connects but not Plus Membership.