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Log in to the old account with the new account

Please help.

I need help from the Upwork team to help me reuse my previous account.

I am Edi**Edited for community guidelines**, the owner of the s**********9@gmail.com account.
Please help how to redirect to a new email, because the email s**********9@gmail.com is having problems. If I still use s**********9@gmail.com then I can't login, because s**********9@gmail.com has a problem in verifying the account to the phone number, this is because the phone number is damaged. Therefore, I really want to be able to log back into that account but with a new account, e**********6@gmail.com. Also if I can go back to my old account, then I will close this newly created account. Please help me with this, as soon as possible. I need to find another job and continue working ...




Edi**Edited for community guidelines**


Hi Edi,


I checked your account, and I can see that you have already submitted a support ticket. One of our team members will update your ticket, providing further assistance. 

~ Joanne


Hi Joanne...


Okay, Thank you for your attention

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