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Login Via Mobile and Destop

Hi Upwork Team, 


Over the last two days, I was out of the office and had to login to Upwork via my mobile and not my laptop to answer messages I received via Upwork. 


My app wasn't loading messages, so I then signed into upwork via my safari. I had to do a 2 method verification and then I was able to log in. 


I received an email, both times saying my device was not recognized. I just hope this is allowed to use mobile and desktop. I enter the same account details.

I would have thought, after logging in once with my mobile, it would have recognized my mobile device? 


Is there anything I am doing wrong


Thanks so much, 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jennifer,


It's okay to log into the account from more than one device. The system will send you an email as a security precaution and as long as it was you logging the account, you should be okay. Let us know if you need further assistance.

Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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