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Long Term Clients: How they value your skills and works?

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Mizan M Member Since: Mar 22, 2015
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I would like to know your experience with the long term clients. Do they value your works properly in the long run?


I have been working with a client and completed two milestones for her. I worked hard to show my skills and work ethics. She was impressed and offered me permanant position for her website and she wanted it as milestone basis. I had no problem with that. But, she was not paying to my expectation. I had not discussed about the payment term with the expectation that she would eventually evaluate my work. So, after the second milestone, I wanted the job hourly as she would realize the time I am investing on her job. She agreed with my offered rate and we landed the job hourly. I have worked the time she set maxed for me.


Now, I see that she hired a freelancer for some small edits for those she could use me and save time and money. I have told her about my willingness of work. But, I think I was unable to convince her.


So, at this point, I like to know how you handle those newbie clients who try to limit their expense but end up with more expense.


For now, I let her to experience the new freelancer and come up with the cost. But, it really feel bad when I see we worked so much together and ended up with her desire to save few bucks.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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@ Mizan


You're going to find that clients WILL do primarily what they want to. Including costing themselves more money one way or another.


For the most part, if you find yourself in a situation as you described, leave it be and move on with your day unless there's a real need to do otherwise. You tried, it didn't work as you hoped....... oh well..... move on with your day!! Just as long as you can PROVE (not that you know) that such concerns (small edits work in your case) wasn't your fault, you'll be fine!! You gave fair warning.... you tried!!


I have one client that hired a proofreader / editor for the articles I created for his website. That resulted in my articles becoming butchered articles. They were completely fine before the other hired person destroyed them. I have the original versions of the articles. So yes, I can prove it. Makes me pretty happy that my name wasn't placed on those articles!!


After I was hired again by the same client, I asked him, "who changed the articles I made for you"? The client told me he has a proofreader / editor. Then I got stuck telling him that they were butchered. Grammar was shot to pieces, attempts to highlight things were ridiculous, words were out of place or outright didn't belong there, and parts that were important in the articles were missing. In short, butchered.


Also note that long term clients come as clients that ask you to wait for them. Yes they do value your work / efforts. So much so that they're busy coming up with new needs for you to eventually work on. I have a 2-3 clients that closed out (completed) the contracts and sent me the "please don't vanish" type of message!! One more that didn't close the contract but still sent me the "please don't vanish" message. They'll like your work/efforts so much that they'll say thanks just for provinding someone to locate quicker to get the work done. The thing is, it'll leave you with a lot of time open!!



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John T Member Since: Mar 19, 2015
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You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make 'em drink.


I've had this problem, with a client who appears to be spending far more on unusable work and getting things done twice than he would on just paying someone to do it properly in the first place. He's a smart guy and everything, but I just think he's got too fixated on the price, and isn't thinking about the cost effectiveness. It happens sometimes.


In my case, having done a bunch of work at a rate that's not viable for me to continue with, I've just politely stated the rate I can't go below if we're to carry on. If he goes for it, great, but if he doesn't, I've got to move on. No hard feelings or anything.