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Look at the past clients available jobs

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Jeissel Denise F Member Since: Apr 12, 2014
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Hi, I just came from a break from working online and now I decided to come back, I want to search my past client's current open jobs so that I can reapply hoping that they would pick me, I know you can see that before but now I am a little confused how. Can somebody teach me where to find that now? ThanksSmiley Happy

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Liam O Member Since: Jun 15, 2015
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To my knowledge, you can not go to client's profile page,


You can only see client's recent jobs and finished jobs on Client's work history and feedback section on job page.

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Go into you "My Jobs" > "view all contracts" >  select "ended contracts" > find a job for the appropriate client > "contract detail" (the site went KAPUT right here so I am now going from memory) > view original job post > scroll to end of post and you should see "jobs in progress" > from there you can select each and see if they have already been awarded.

---- easy like Sunday morning ----
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Joshua M Member Since: Nov 8, 2014
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i've also noticed that you sometimes can no longer see a clients available job that are still posted. I tried to check if it was the privacy they set but if I search for the available job through general job search, I can view the clients' open job. :/

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Krisztina U Member Since: Aug 7, 2009
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Jeissel, if you left on good terms with your client, it might be a better idea to contact her/him and let them know that you really enjoyed working with them, and now that you are available again, were wondering if they had an immediate or future need for your services. You don't want to overdo it, and if they don't reply take that as your answer, and try again in 6 or so months, but generally speaking, most clients appreciate proactivity like that. One of my past contractors checks in with me every 6-9 months. She does it in a very non-intrusive and professional way, that just based on that, I'd hire her for any role that requires consistent follow ups!