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Looking to create two separate illustration specialized profiles

Hi all,

I work in two very distinct styles: logos / commercial illustration.... as well as a children's / picture book style. I can see were you can create specialized profiles for completely different skills (voiceover work and app development, for example). But it doesn't appear I can create two separate specialized profiles which would both be categorized as illustration work.


Anyone have tips? TIA

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You can use the general graphic design category for commercial work, or "Brand Identity" if you want to focus on logos.


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Hi Brad, 


You are right, it's not possible to have to Specialized Proifiles with the same specialty. However, would it work for you if you selected Illustration as a specialty to showcase your skills in creating children's picture books and selected Graphic design as a specialty for another Specialized profile where you could offer your services as a logo designer?

~ Valeria
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