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Lost Top Rated Badge

Hello, I just lost my Top rated badge few hours ago and after discussing this issue with Upwork CSR's they told me that I lost that due to inactivity (no proposal sent, no invitations, no earnings in last 3 months)

So I asked them how can I get that back - After reviewing my profile they told me that I have good reviews, good earnings, 100% JSS and all 16 weeks filled that are required for getting Top Rated badge.

So they asked me to start getting active again and my JSS update after every 2 weeks and if I get active before that so there's very much possibilty that I can get my Top rated badge back on Feb 4th (when JSS will get update again)

What you guys say? Will I get that back or do I have to work on something else.

I need help so I can get that back asap!!!

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