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Lost my top rated badge

Hello Community members,


I've lost my top rated plus and even top rated badge today, because of recent account hold recently. How can I gain my badges again fast?


Your recommendations are highly appreciated. 



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Hi Miss B,


After visiting your profile, I believe you are more experienced and skilled than I am. However, I have been very active in the community over the past year and have learned a lot.


Based on my knowledge, you lost the Top Rated Plus and Top Rated badges because you didn't meet one of the criteria: no account holds in the last 90 days. I believe you will regain the badges after 90 days if you maintain a Job Success Score above 90% and avoid any further account holds.


One thing that concerns me is that, given your experience and professionalism, how did you get the account hold? I would love to hear about it so I can learn from your experience and avoid similar mistakes.



Best regards,

Hello Imran,


Thanks for sharing your insights. Yes, I believe too that I need to wait for 3 months. Actually, I shared my account access with the agency manager whom I am working with. Upwork find it offensive sharing credentials with anyone is a breach or Terms of Services and put account on hold for 3 days. 


But after verifying my identity they restored the account but Top rated badges are no more now. 



Thank you, Miss B, for informing me about the situation. I will definitely keep this in mind.


Thank you again.

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