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Lots of scam job offers!

As a new upwork freelancer I almost fell for the scam of accepting a job off site, like a true amateur who forgot to review the terms of agreement again like I usually do. They were offering an insane amount of money for a relatively easy, low effort job. The job has since been removed and I've received an Upwork email about it but I thought more freelancers should be aware of this. After digging through some other websites about the scam, I found information about what they do: they use a known, serious company name, make you fill out a form with basic info — like your name, phone, and a picture — offer a fixed price to transcribe about 200 pages of images/words and then, once the job has been completed, they ask you for money to send you money and pay you in return! Breware of scams like this! But you live and you learn and I'm thankful Upwork has a forum that quickly made me catch the obvious scam before it unfolded further. 

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Here's a very useful guide to spotting scam jobs and how to avoid being a victim, written by an experienced freelancer here.


List of red flags for scams - Upwork Community

They did ask for a photo which I unforutnately provided, but they didn't ask for any bank information or social security information or personal information beyond my phone number and email, so I think I'm mostly safe. Thank you so much for this list of red flags! 

When they ask for information on you, it's usually just to make themselves seem more legitimate and pretend they're careful about whom they hire. It's nearly always just leading up to a request for money, which they claim is security to ensure you finish the job, or something like that.

I've honeslty should've trusted my gut from the beginning! But I figured as much. Thank you, Robert ðŸ‘

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Thank you so much for sharing this experience to us your fellow Upwork freelancers.  More power and God bless.

From the posts I found on Reddit and Quora, it looks like they've been running this scam for a little over a year. Surprised they've managed to do it so many times for so long! I hope no one falls for it. 

It's not one person. There are many many scammers on upwork, but they use similar scripts. Mainly we see purchase of virtual currency, paying a fee to work, or the check-cashing scam. 

Unfortunately, many people firmly believe that things that seem to good to be true must be true. Not many turn on their common sense, thankfully you did. 

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