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Low Payment Offer on ODesk by Clients

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Jean Pierre J Member Since: Oct 26, 2008
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Hello Everybody, How can it be that many Clients on oDesk offer to pay $1 per hour for any type of job? I do not understand why a Contractor would accept such a deal! How much did your computer or laptop cost you in the first place? Not 1 dollar!?! How about your efforts, your time, your understanding of the project and everything else that is required to complete even the most simple of projects? Let us all give a thought to such offers. Thanks
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Kristine D Member Since: Mar 18, 2012
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$1 per hour is not yet the worst. I've seen so many clients posting "We will consider below $0.50/( or worst) below $0.25 per hour. We don't care no matter how good your qualifications are, bid higher than $0.25 will automatically be rejected." And here are the contractors still applying to these kind of clients making their heads big. If only they'll boycott it so that clients will know that we're not that desperate. I'm new in oDesk too but I never stooped that low. Just what do those clients think of us?We're not their slaves. I hope contractors should ignore these offers. Bid below $0.25/hour is really too much.Also, I hope oDesk should already put a limit to rate requests of these clients.
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jinkee n Member Since: Sep 9, 2010
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i agree...
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Emmanuel V Member Since: Nov 20, 2009
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I second agree!
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Stefan T Member Since: Jun 29, 2011
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I saw a guy who is workking for $0.1 per hour and that is his profile rate. I think that is really dishonourable for any person,no matter how the job is easy,but you are selling one hour of your life and plus working hard for that money.
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Herbert M Member Since: Nov 14, 2010
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We must appeal to Odesk to set a limit of hourly rates to $1, and to stop arrogant clients to pay very cheap for contractor's hardwork.
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Cherry Vic P Member Since: Nov 29, 2010
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...and working 4 hours a day at $.25 can buy you a meal...
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Duncan M Member Since: Feb 18, 2013
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Well, in Australia, this will get you a pencil eraser if you're lucky, not a meal.
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Rajib H Member Since: Apr 25, 2012
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it`s right though we are new on odesk but not there slaves.
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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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Erm... Bidding bellow 3 $ is really too much. Bellow 2 $ is just a bad joke. And I'm really sad when I see someone's profile "earned 80 $ (with 2 $ per hour)".
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