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Low Payment Offer on ODesk by Clients

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Douglas Michael M Member Since: May 22, 2015
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Not all clients are educable. You know which ones aren't. The cheapskates will get what they pay for. Turn your face elsewhere. 


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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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I know how you feel, as a screenwriting and producing major the budgets of video productions here give me the shivers. Most clients obviously do not understand (or do not care about) the requirements that softwares like Premier or Final Cut Pro place on your computer - it's not just the cost of the software, but the computer's build as well that is expensive. 


If we want to be charitable, we could assume that with work like video productions and animations (and illustrators etc.) a lot of the low bidders are contractors that are still in the process of building up their portfolio, so they accept these ridiculous offers because they think that it is better being paid something for a portfolio item that they can later say was for an actual client than just making something for the sake of adding it to their showreel. I don't think most of them realize that they are pushing down the prices for everyone when they do that, but that is the nature of the global market I'm afraid.


All that being said, as Douglas wrote, I agree that it is best to just not waste your time with clients that are here to look for contractors that accept complex projects for peanuts. They will (hopefully) learn their lesson when they get what they paid for.

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Ray P Member Since: Feb 13, 2016
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I thought I was seeing things , I just started using this site today , and I thought the bid  was what they offered , but it was what I put down in my settings profile , then I was thinking maybe they are clients from other countrys were the pay is less .. so you mean to tell me for usa jobs offered , they are really posting 3 dollars a hour , thats against miniume wage laws I thought , wow this sucks . I am really getting fedup with todays job market as a whole its a headache .

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Yousif A Member Since: Feb 13, 2016
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Jean Pierre, the real question that should be asked is how in the world does a contractor afford the many softwares being used if they work for so little.


I'll tell you the answer. Most of the people who would work for that amount probably have pirated software copies. That in itself is another issue entirely. Imagine someone gifted in using photoshop. From what I know, PS costs $60 a month if you buy it on a subscription basis. I doubt someone who pays that amount monthly would consider working at these ridiculous amounts. Someone who "bypasses" the $60 would have no problem to do that at all. That is the real tragedy my friend 🙂