Low job success

Hey. there!
Can you tell me, why my job succeess so low.
Recently i had concluded several quite successful contracts.
Independently closed one, because the client does not appear and ignores.
So, how can i change it?
Thank you!


You have 2 recent jobs with no feedback and a couple that closed over the summer with >5 stars (see next paragraph). I assume one is the job you closed yourself. Many freelancers have noticed their scores dip if they have jobs with no feedback and then they close a job themselves. If I must close a job because a client has gone dormant for a long period and I have a good idea that they've left the platform or are simply never going to come back to close the job themselves then I will close it only if I have just had a job closed by a client with good feedback. Typically my feedback is quite positive, so I simply wait until a job that I have in progress finishes and the client's feedback posts to my profile. I then close the dormant job myself and leave feedback for the client. A pattern of jobs with no feedback contributes to a lower score. 


If you search for threads about the JSS you'll also see that private feedback plays a big role. Since we don't know what a client's private feedback is, there is always the possibility that it differs from the public score - even if the client has left 5 stars publicly. You have a few jobs in progress now, once those close and feedback is left there is a good chance your score will rise if your public and private feedback are both positive.