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Low to zero hire rate


Hello! I've been a member for about two months I think and I've been sending A LOT of job proposals, actually I always ru short on connects but rarely do I get a response, it was about four times, and only once they replied a message after the first one thy send. I do not know if this is a common issue but it's very frustrating to spend all your connects and not get replies or even cancelations. 


All recomendations are appreciated!

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Raise your hourly price.   Really.  It works.

@Mary W wrote:

Raise your hourly price.   Really.  It works.



Also, stop bidding on a lot of jobs. Be selective. And, consider dropping "writer" from your title--it's usually more effective to market a single skill or related set of skills here. 

Are you even 18 years old?

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The lottery is a tax on the poor; connects are a tax on the ...

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You have too many skills listed; choose the one that you are strongest in or more if they are closely related. Also, your portfolio needs work. There's no reason the resolution should be so low. There's also no reason you should have to link to a dropbox or Google drive to display a brochure. Your skills are okay, but I would continue to improve before expected a lot of work.

re: "I do not know if this is a common issue but it's very frustrating to spend all your connects and not get replies or even cancelations. "


How common is this?


I don't know. Work hard and specialize and you can rise to the top.


My own hire rate is over 50% now, I think, but it is hard to estimate because I rarely have time to apply to jobs... I'm too busy working.


Many Upwork contractors rarely or never apply for new jobs, because they have too much work from return clients, ongoing clients, and invites. I usually block potential new clients from seeing my profile these days.

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I completely agree with Tiffany.


Find a very specific niche in order to start being hired/considered for jobs. The term "writer" is so general (and I'm in the writer category!). 


What do you like to do most? It appears, from your profile, that you've more inclination towards Graphic Design?


You can pick up article writing gigs on the side to build a writing portfolio in that arena. But, focus on what you're either specifically educated in, and/or have the most direct experience with...


::::And I hate ending a sentence with a preposition::::


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