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Major problem with YouTube links in proposals

I just realized when contacted by client, that links to my YouTube channel which i put in my proposal

are not being represented the way they are supposed to be.

Meaning when i paste links to my playlists in UW proposal i expect them to appear as links to my playlists so that

clients can hear all songs in that playlist.

But what is actually occuring is only first song in playlist is being linked for some reason.

This is unacceptable and not only that - there's no workaround for this issue.

It's vital that external links point exactly where i want them to point at.

Upwork please do something about this.

And quick.

This also might be the reason i was passed on by prospective clients because they were led to believe

i only have one song in portfolio instead of 20.


So just make one video that has all 20.  {shrug}


Even better to have one video that just shows a bit of your top works.  I somewhat doubt anyone will sit through 20 songs.  When I'm choosing among providers, I'll give each one maybe 20 seconds.

What a great idea!



Can i please have somebody from Upwork answer this.

You see, this is a major coding flaw on your "technically advanced"site, i think it's up to you to fix this.

Perhaps you should up your budget, and hire somebody for more than 5$ per hour to fix it...

Enes, I was just trying to be helpful.  I'm a client here as well as a worker.  I'm telling you how it is when one is hiring; there are dozens of people trying to secure the same job, so there just isn't much time for each applicant.


I recently updated my demo reel; most clips only got 10 or 15 seconds before transitioning to the next one.  People don't have much attention span these days.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Enes,


I see what you mean and will follow up with the team about this issue. It looks like if the link is copied and pasted, it opens the playlist, but not when you click on the link in the proposal.


Thanks for reporting.

~ Valeria

Thanks Valeria.

Most grateful.

can i paste my youtube or vimeo portfolio link in my proposal? or can i paste the links of the videos that i have done for other companies?

Hi Soumyadev,


Yes, you can share links in your proposal.

~ Valeria

While it's true that you can still share the links, the Upwork messaging system no longer displays the video(s) the way it used to.  (You will still see a line or two of the title/description.)  Not sure if this is a bug, or an explicit decision from management, but in any case, the feature where one was able to simply play an embedded YouTube video is gone.

Hi David,


The preview feature you are referring to was turned off for security reasons.

~ Valeria

It was pretty useful, but that's your choice. {shrug}