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Make Messages in Desktop App More Like Slack or Integrate with Slack

In my opinion, Slack is a very powerful tool to connect with clients, and the Upwork messaging tool seems to be lacking at the time of this post. I can tell some features in the Upwork app are similar to Slack, which could be helpful, but currently aren't as polished as they could be.


Are there any plans to integrate with solutions like Slack to assist in smoother communication, quicker searches, etc.? Or, is an overhaul coming to the messaging app sometime next year?


Also, if you're someone who thinks this type of integration or improvements may not be the best for messages in the Upwork desktop app, please share your point of view or suggest ideas you have that could make the messaging app better.


To be clear, this post is meant for helpful suggestions and feedback, not a thread for complaining or putting others down. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Timothy,


Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you are giving us your suggestions on how we can improve the process we currently have. Please be assured that we share this with the team for consideration.

~ Bojan
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