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Making tests public

Hi there!

Okay guys so I took some tests, and I got "Above Average" in some of them, is it good if I show them on my profile?
Also, what's Upwork policy about working on several niches? I joined as a translator but I'm getting into VA and Data Analyst based on the tests, invitations I have received and so on, could my account get closed?

Thank you!
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It is generally a good idea to specialize, but if it works for you, you can offer as many different skills as you want.

I would not display anything that is not in a "top" range, but that's my personal taste. 

Thank you Martina, but don't you think that having an "Above average" knowledge is better than having no skills at all? Because I took the tests but they're really really hard (doing a graphic analysis in 2 minutes, for me, at this moment, is beyond my capacities) although I passed them. Isn't "above average" enough to work on Entry Level projects?

A test "above average" and let's say above 4.5 out 5 is worth the attempt imho. 

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