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Malware attacks by posing as clients

Hello, Upwork community,

This post is to give you a heads-up on a malware attack that is being executed by people posing as clients.
Please check the screenshot, the client asked for my email id to share the project details. The file was .rar and after extraction, it contained a video and a .exe file. Thankfully I had an antivirus installed and it detected it as a trojan attack. 

I am writing this post to alert freelancers, as there was no option to report the client to Upwork. Please beware of such scams and always have an antivirus installed to make your safety is not compromised.

Note to Upwork admins: Please provide an option to freelancers to report these fake "clients" and report such wrongdoers. To quickly report and ban such accounts.


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Hi Yohan,


Thank you for your initiative in reporting these and making sure our marketplace remains safe for freelancers like yourself. To directly report any suspicious user activity, please use the flag option so our dedicated team can review and take action on their accounts.

~ AJ
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There are quite a few rogue clients who do things like this. The first line of defense is to not break Upwork's Terms of Service, which you did by sending the client your email ID. You cannot send an email address to a client before starting a contract.


It is good that your antivirus/malware scanner prevented damage to your system.

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