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Managing on upwork.

Imagine this :

A client posted " UX Designer needed for a new app for $500."
BOOM!! after a day he had 20 proposals!! yay!

Guess what happened next?

Its been 7 days and the client did not respond to any of the messages. The client has posted the requirement and has left!!!
poor freelancers... thinking that someone will be hired.
They wasted their  connects. (No connects refund for this project)

Time + money went to drain.

From past several days i have witnessed this. spending and buying connects again and again and not getting hired. the client posts the requirements and vanishes poof!!


solution? YES PLEASE!

The project should expire after 2 days of posting.

For all projects it costs 2 connects. If hired, then 0 connects. if not 2 connects refunded.
Since that person is hired and earns money, he can purchase 2 connects for $1.

Simple as that!!!! As a freelancer i feel so bad. I sent so many proposals on projects. Neither i was hired nor the client has responded. I had to withdraw the proposal and wasted connects. 😞

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Clients may hire through a direct invite even people who sent proposals. I did that. When this happens, the job shows without hires even though someone has already been hired.


Clients and freelancers do violate Upwork terms of service by circumventing the platform.


No way Upwork will close jobs after only two days. I need more than two day to decide.


Quantity doesn't equal quality. Clients may throw the towel after 20 or even 50 spammy and totally unrelated proposals.



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