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Marketing Stats

Hi,  What is the point of seeing my stats in relation to  " freelancers in Accounting & Consulting"?  I am in neither category. I would prefer to see stats that are in my area of work and expertise.  Thank you.

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I opened a ticket about this.  Mine said "translation" and I'm a paralegal.  Sigh.  Apparently, the algorithm picks up tags from your most recent jobs and one of mine said "medical translation" when the client meant "medical record summaries", so there you are.

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Thanks for your reply.  My most recent job is instructional developer freelancer, I see no correlation between that and the words accounting and consulting.  Maybe freelancer is the only word that the algorithm is picking up?  A broad brush approach! Basic coding?

Ange, you are trying to ponder the imponderable (unponderable?).  I pay no attention to my stats as they are slow and incorrect.

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