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May Be Upwork Growing But I Am Loosing My Business.

Many Poeple talking about odesk to upwork migration.  Upwork trying to improve the interfce,  very advance tracking of freelancer work via new screen recorder and many things upwork doing to upgrade  ownself. 


But according to me :


==> Upwork have very very poor website uptime. All the time  "Ops"  I suppose to bid on a project and  just type a lot to give the complete brif about the job  and when click on submit then again "Ops"


==> Now i got a relly funny but very irritrating issue on upwork. The new issue is you have the available  Connects  in your account but it will show you 0  connects. Now you have to logout and login again to fix that issue. 


==> Most of the Job Provider don't close the job. I do complete work always on the time but  most of the client not end the contract. if you force them  to end the contract that mean you are giving them opperchunity to play with your raiting. 



I know upwork team doing very hard work on website's  look and functions but I suggest to upwork team give some time to keep track the website uptime and i have suggestion for upwork management to please  improve the freelancer rights so we grow and help you to grow. 





Rajan Sharma
Cloud Solution Architect | Ethical Hacker | DevOps



Regarding to the 0 connects. It has been persisting here for several months back ago. Especially, IE!.