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I'm new in the platform so i need an explaination please. A client write to me 'Our budget is $400/Month and 8 hrs. job' but what is the meaning??? 400 usd for a entire month of work sounds insane. Sorry for bothering.

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Upwork is a global platform. For someone from some other country it may be a good amount. 

Ok, thanks.

Yes i know that is an right amount for some places but not for me. Due this i just say no and stop.

Upwork is a global platform, which is why skilled freelancers should charge the going rate. The exception would be if they are looking for work only in a specific area or region.

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That amount is insane. It should be $400/day for an experienced IT manager to provide 8 hours/day of service.


How did the client write to you? If you did not submit a proposal to this job, it is probably a scam because most new freelancers do not receive invitations.

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The client write me on dm in upwork. I saved a printscreen of this just to smile sometimes 🙂 Sorry for question: as you understand i'm brand new here, so there's anything that i can do to boost my profile? I need result....

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I think there are a few things you can do to improve your profile to make it more appealing to legitimate clients--not scammer clients 😁


1) Since you are an IT manager, you should include an important keyword in your title: IT Management. This is important for creating unity between your title, summary, and skills list. I recommend removing "Support" and adding "IT Management" like this: IT Management | Microsoft 365 | Azure | Networking.


2) There is good informaiton in your summary, but you need to revise the part that appears to talk about someone else (i.e., "...he is able to...") The first part of your summary is important because only the first two sentences are shown to clients when they search for freelancers. This means you have very little space (just two sentences) to get their attention. You must use that small space to talk about your services and how you can help clients meet their goals.


With that, you should remove "PROFESSIONAL PROFILE" from the first line. Revise the rest of your summary to speak from a first-person point of view. Then, remove "CAPACITÀ E COMPETENZE" and use language that is client-focused. Here is an example:


I'm a savvy IT manager with an analytical approach and solid experience in increasing efficiency and productivity through the development, implementation and implementation of strategic plans. I can develop IT policies and procedures, and lead teams to ensure your systems operate effectively and reliably.


My goal is to help businesses by implementing IT initiatives aimed at increasing corporate awareness of modern technologies. I can successfully translate technical requirements into effective business solutions and effectively communicate with all stakeholders to foster corporate relations and synergy between departments.


Why choose me?

* Highly experience IT manager

* Problem solving and team work management skills
* Excellent ability to manage tasks in complete autonomy
* Winning attitude to problem solving
* Analytical skills
* Active Directory, GPO, WSUS skills
* Project management skills
* Networking skills


Let's talk about your IT projects and how I can help.


You should change the wording if you prefer something else, but you get the idea--speak directly to the client and keep the focus on their goals.


3) Add a portfolio to show samples of your work. Clients sometimes look for visuals and the portfolio is a chance to make a positive first impression. If you don’t have relevant examples to add to your portfolio, you can create items that demonstrate your skills.


4) Add IT Project Management to your skills list to create that unity between your title, summary, and skills. It is important to keep your skills list updated with relevant skills categories so that Upwork can match you with relevant jobs, and so your profile will appear when clients search for your skills.

Once you make these updates, I think your profile will be in much better shape.

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