Memberhsip Renewal - It is a BUG in system??

I just got an email that $20 payment is not go through so your agency is converted to basic account.

Here are my concerns:

I always have $20 available for every month renewal of my agency account.. Why that $20 are not charged for renewal of my agency premium plan??

2. I also have attached a credit card .. why this card is not charged as alternate payment method?

Why I am placed down as basic member?


Is it a bug in system or what actually happening there??


I can glean from your post that you are concerned about the sudden events surrounding your payment method, membership plan, and the $20.00 loss in your agency account.  Moreover, you seem surprised that your agency account is now void and your only chance to survive in the platform is to be a freelancer.  In the email that you received, were you told how to proceed, Muhammad Saif?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhammad,


Please check the update our team posted on your ticket and let our agent know if you experience any further issues with upgrading your membership.