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Merging Forum Topics

Sorry about this but i need to point it out.


1º - I completly understand the need to merge some topics/questions here on this forum, after all many of questions are recurrent and have already been awnsered, no problem there.

2º - nonetheless there are also debates, valid debates among freelancers with pertinent suggestions and inputs about how UW works.


This is the thing from my point of view: everytime i try to find or follow a conversation that seems to be a litle more "problematic", that topic has already been merged with another topic or that topic has been closed.

I know that the awnsers are there, but i can't find them...

Why does this keep happening?

A forum is a forum, and if someone creates one, then it should be aware that "forum" means public discussion, so regardless if one agrees with the point of views expressed there or not, that's irrelevant: opinions are like (... ) and everybody has one, but nonetheless they should be heard and not hidden among a multitude of posts.


So that's why i ask; why does this kind of posts keep merging with others that have nothing or little to do with the original one? Why "hiding in the crowd" other freelancers opinions?

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