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Merging two accounts (just need to change my email that is in "use")

I can not change my contact email from email #1 to #2. It's say's my account is in use, but when I try to log in Email #2, it points to my email #1. How can I merge the two accounts. I feel like support should do this but my only option was to contact the community. Any help is very much appreciated


Hi Svetlana,


It's not possible to merge two accounts. I can see that you are posting from a freelancer account and the other one you are referring to, is a client one. You can be a client and a freelancer on Upwork using the same account, following the steps here. If you wish to use the email that's associated to the second account, it would be best to keep that account and create a freelancer profile from there if you wish, and then close the freelancer account you are currently posting from. Don't hestiate to let us know if you need further assistance.

~ Luiggi
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