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Message delay in Upwork

I noticed that there is a delay in receiving messages in my Inbox.

One of my clients message me around 7AM(est) but I received it around 5PM (EST)



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If your most effective communication channel (device) is the phone, I advise you to install the upwork freelancer app.
You'll get instant notifications when a client sends you a message.


Having said that, I agree with your point, such a delay in emailing is unacceptable. I hope it didn't cause you any inconvenience.


Hi Russell John,


I've escalated your concern to the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne
Freelancer Plus

I have delay on my APP UpWork messages on my phone from 2 week . . . 
What is hapend ? 

Hi Pier,


Thank you for reaching out. If you're not receiving these messages, you may need to change your notification settings for your phone and for the specific app. Airplane mode, data saver, battery saver, and “do not disturb” settings may also affect your notifications. Feel free to check this help article for more details on how to Troubleshoot Mobile App.


~ Arjay
Freelancer Plus

Yep i notice that and some battery save was turn it On .
I put it on OFF and now is good . 
Thank you ,i was forgot to do this when i change to the new phone . 

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