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Message notification not working right

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Is this happening to anyone else? When I go on the oDesk website, next to "Messages" I see a notification that there are new messages, but when I actually go look at my messages, there aren't any new ones. This has happened to me twice so far.
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Rico E Member Since: Aug 15, 2010
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This has happened to me intermittently over the past two months. Another weird thing is is receiving messages without the notification (no red dot on the Message tab). I have to regularly click the tab for fear of missing any new messages, which happened to me in one of my interviews. The client experienced the same so she understood why I wasn't able to reply immediately.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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I have my account set up to email me when I have a message.I hope that is working.
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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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I was just about to start a thread on this. It's the opposite for me though - I don't see the red 'new notifiations' icon, but when I open the Messages tab, there are new messages, and only then the icon shows up. Been like this for a couple of days now.
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Dianne M Member Since: Jul 25, 2013
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Happens to me too for the past few weeks. I wonder what is going on with the site, will lots of stuff going bonkers like this.

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Donna D Member Since: Mar 20, 2013
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Yes, me too. I've been interviewing these past few days and I have to go to "Active Candidacies." If I click on a highlighted job, it takes me to the new message.
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Richard M Member Since: Jan 14, 2014
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Same. Always displays 21 for me and my coworkers account.
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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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This is happening for a long period. I got used to it.
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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Not to bump this up, but I had let a lot of the notification stuff go, but I did not get notifications email that I had been contacted by support nor did I have a notification in my account with the usual indication that they had contacted me this weekend.


I am not getting emails for things, although randomly it seems i get emails from oDesk and replies from a job invite, but I am not getting any other notifications. Not sure if this in an ongoing problem or if something changed because I use to get notifications even when support contacted me back.