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Message system throwing in adverts?

Community Guru
Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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Not sure what to think about this. It is definately NOT welcome though! The new messaging system is really cluttered and clumsy to start with. It made things so hard to keep track of that I shudder at the thought of clients who want to send files back and forth using it. I really don't have time or patience to sift through unorganized messages for random files left here and there. If there is an easy way to go about it, it's not clear.


That aside, has anyone ever tried to post a URL? I needed to ask a client if he owned a domain name, and the **bleep** message system went and added a bunch of clutter that isn't nessesary. I click the link and it only takes me to theI upwork message spam.fw.pngI click the link and it takes me to the website... not any sales page or external business of any sort. What's the point? I feel so completely disorganized. When you need to download an attachment, you need to go fishing through heaps of messages that are strored in a horrific way. It's such a time waster. I want to punch Upwork in the nose.

Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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I understand you're frustrated with the messaging system. In regards to adding URL's, when I add links it displays the link along with a preview of the site. I would assume that the site you posted had some sort of marketing, ads on their end. This is definitely not something that Upwork adds to your links. If you click on the gear icon on the message center there is an option  to give feedback, please do so. They read them and It helps them understand your concerns. 




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Olga Q Member Since: Sep 5, 2012
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@Tony H wrote:

 […] I want to punch Upwork in the nose.

 Tony, why not switch to the good old message center instead? This will solve your problems.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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I suspect your client has emailed you from their email program and he has a signature file with that advertisement.

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Mohit A Member Since: Mar 31, 2015
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Hi, From where do we do that?

Community Guru
Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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This was a message form me to him, directly through the Upwork messaging system. All I did was type the domain as I would this:


It's quite annoying. This isn't a social media share that I want people to see a pretty preview... I just want (NEED) to keep communications clear and simple without any added junk Upwork deems fit to throw in randomly. Very frustrating. This isn't a game, this is business commuication. We aren't sharing pics of puppies or linking to where we ate our lunch

Community Guru
Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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It's almost as though they went away from an email type of system to their own version of a FB timeline. Not really something I imagine most people want to use for business communcation

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Al S Member Since: Dec 4, 2015
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I have exactly the same annoying problem. When some keywords are in the text, then upwork displays advertisement. the upwork support does not know about it and comes with the same useless answer as always to clear caches. At least after 5 more messages they finally understood there is a problem and they investigate it now.