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Messenger issue is the reason of ended contract.

Hi, I need some help about my current contract. Yesterday I received a job offer and accepted it the same moment I saw it. I texted client about my plans for this job, told him that I would keep him posted and started to work on the project.
It took me the whole day to create first sketches for the project. However, the moment I was going to send the client my results, I noticed, that he closed the contract and requested refund for the escrow.
I texted him immediately, I was wondering what's wrong, as I didn't even receive any explanation from him...
Finally, he replied. He told me that he never received any message from me, so he thought I ignored this job. But I texted him, he just didn't get my messages! So, I suppose, that was some messenger issue, which made my client close the contract, though messages are marked as sent.
After we realized that, he sent me a new offer, which I accepted, and now we keep working. I also asked him to report this issue, as I don't want my JSS fall, he said he filled the support ticket.
So, that was not our fault. Some messenger bug made my client believe that I didn't even text him. The problem is that, I suppose, this closed contract is going to negatively affect my JSS. This score is very important for me, my JSS is 100% now, just because I care about my clients and their business. And now I'm going to lose the score just because the messenger was bugged... I definitely don't deserve this!
So, can Upwork erase/delete/remove this closed contract, like it never existed?
Also I have no idea what should I do with this refund? Should I keep ignoring it?
I really hope for your understanding and help. That was neither my nor my client's fault.. And I'm so anxious about it, I really try hard for every project here, I respect all of my clients, I work hard to gain their trust...
I attached screenshots from a messenger here, maybe you will need them as a proof. What about my work with the client now - we are fine, he seems satisfied with my sketches and I am happy to work with him.
Please, help me somehow..I didn't do anything wrong..

Sincerely, Veronica.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Veronica,


I understand your frustration and I checked the Messages. Your messages are showing on the client's end normally and there doesn't seem to be any issues. I see that you've also submitted a ticket about this and we'll have the team double check it as well. The team also advised your client about the closed contract. I'd also like to note JSS excludes contracts with $0 earned and positive feedback

~ Valeria

Thank you. But I guess the client left the negative feedback, which he cannot change. And it's not my fault.
And when I approve returning funds to the client, I need to select a reason for ending the contract. Which one I need to chose?
And what about messenger? How is that possible that the client didn't get some of my messages?

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