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Milestone Review Period clarification

I have a fixed price milestone I completed and submitted for payment 12 days ago. Seems like longer than usual but that's probably because I need the money. I see it will be in review for 14 days, and I think paid on the 14th day whether the client does anything or not..


I know this client is okay with I did and I'm done, and I'm thinking to ask him to approve now because it might get to me a couple of days earlier. But also hate to bug him and know he's very busy and sometimes doesn't get to the details. I think it's gone this long because he hasn't hit the approved button, other milestones have gone through faster. 


The question is if it's always 14 days in review, or if the review periods ends before that if client approves, He's a repeat client.


It's day 12.

No, you don't ask the client to release payment.


What if, in reminding him of your project, he takes time to look at it and asks for changes?


You don't want that. If he asks for changes, it resets the clock to zero. Then you may need to wait 14 more days.


Wait two days. The money is automatically released to you.


After you have received your money, if he asks for anything, even something very little, tell him yes, you'll do that, after he closes the contract.


That way you have received your money AND feedback.


If he asks for more than a very minor change, then you can say yes, you would be happy to do that with a new hourly contract or a new fixed-price milestone.

Thanks, Preston. Good points.

Jacqueline, just to be clear, when the 14 days ends, you don't get paid--the money shifts from "in review" to "pending" and sits there for another five days.

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