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Milestone & Hourly Alone At Last.

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FERDY P Member Since: May 27, 2016
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As a client,


I  noticed with milestone settings, freelancers have the option to submit work before payment is released.


This arangement works great for both client and freelancer as the freelancer gets immediate payment satisfaction the moment the payment for work is approved.    


For hourly jobs, however,  I do not see that there is a milestone option requiring the freelancer to first submit  weekly work for approval before weekly payment is released.


I think the milestone approval feature should be integrated  for hourly, fixed and milestone jobs. My experience using the milestone feature  gives added security/satisfaction. 



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Christy A Member Since: Dec 30, 2015
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My work is done throughout the week and consists of project management.  This includes a significant number of phone calls, updating project management software, team coordination and meetings.


What, exactly, would I submit for approval? 


I'm not trying to be snarky.  I'm genuinely curious.

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FERDY P Member Since: May 27, 2016
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No, you're absolutely not being snarky, but what is it that worries clients the MOST and what is it that worries freelancers the MOST??


I cannot speak for everyone, but, for clients it's definitley receiving exactly what they are willing to pay for and for freelancers it's receiving payment upon delivery of the agreed upon work.


The milestone process presents the BEST exchange for this to happen.


I am just thinking about things with a view to creatively change worries about payments and worries about paying and not getting what one has paid for.


The milestone option is a GREAT feature, I love it. I can see why it doesnt/wouldn't work so well with hourly, but perhaps it needs to be slightly revised so that these two, hourly and milestone can actually work together.


Can you think of anything in the work that you do, where your hourly work will work well with the milestone settings? 

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Jennifer D Member Since: Feb 15, 2016
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They're two completely different models, in my experience:


1) Fixed price jobs are for projects with a well-defined, fixed deliverable or series of deliverables: one translation file, one document edited, a small website produced over several milestones, that kind of thing.


2) Hourly rate jobs are for either ongoing work or for projects where the deliverable is not well-defined or easy to scope. e.g. ongoing translation support, office admin/VA support, or a large, long-term contract to create a large website.


I'm a translation client with ongoing translation support needs, so the majority of my contracts are hourly contracts. Every couple of weeks I might have a new document to be translated and I don't want to be creating a new fixed price contract for every little thing. So I retain freelancers on hourly contracts and they bill me by the hour for these tasks. If I have one large document that needs to be translated for a particular language that I don't also need ongoing support for, then I would set that up as a fixed price contract and calculate the total budget based on a cost per word.


If you are wanting to receive regular deliverables which you don't want to pay for until you've reviewed the work, then a fixed price contact is the better way to go. With an hourly contract, if you want to review the work regularly then you would need to limit the freelancer's hours and establish with them each week what you want delivered that week. It's a bit more micromanaging, I think.

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Muhammad Y Member Since: Sep 6, 2015
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As Jennifer said the project where we need to deliver milestones and only then payment would be realeased is something more suited for fixed price job


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Steven E. L Member Since: May 5, 2015
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@Muhammad Y wrote:

As Jennifer said ...

Jennifer said this two years ago.

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Charles K Member Since: Mar 6, 2017
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Someday someone will develop the sophisticated technology required to put the original post date of a thread on the forum summary page...


(Wonder whatever happened to Jennifer...)

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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I have also been missing Jennifer D. 


And Jenn M.!

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Wendy C Member Since: Aug 24, 2015
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I do miss Jennifer D - hope she is all right.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I believe she was going back to school for a 2nd masters.

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Janean L Member Since: Apr 6, 2016
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I think your memeory is sharp, Wendy!