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Milestone and payment

Hello guys , i have this problem and i hope one of u can help me understand it . Okay so i got this job offer that i accepted . The client set up the milestone worth 250 dollars . I did the job for that milestone , the client approved it and activated it . So far so good right ? Well , the money doesn t show up on "overview" (see pics below ) or reports , it just how up on lifetime billings , anyways so i talked to this client and he said maybe it s because i hired your agency . ( I own this agency and i'm the only member ) So now really idk what to do : Is there a waiting phase or do i get the money with the agency ? Hope someone had the same problem or knows how to help me , thanks ! Here's the pic with the job i'm talking about after he activated and approved the milestone ..

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Hi Zak,


This is because you're actually on a contract with this client through your Agency, but you are viewing the contract from your Freelancer profile. You will need to switch to the agency by clicking your profile picture on the top right corner of the main page and clicking on the agency profile. From there, you can go to My Jobs > All Contracts to view the contract in question and its earnings. 


Note that for Fixed-Price contracts, funds become available after a five-day security period. Feel free to check out this help article to learn more.

~ Luiggi
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Thanks luigi , 

tell mario im a big fan 

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