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Milestone deadlines

Hi I'm new here. I have a new project and broke it doen into 3 milestones with 3 days appart each one to allow the client time to review before I moved on as I thought I could move the dates if needed and add in intermediate milestones if they wanted more work done at each stage. I submitted milestone 1 but he hasn't reviewed it still and the 2nd deadline is due today which obviously I don't have time to do now. Will I get any bad stats on my account for not meeting milestones or will it just get refunded to him and I create a new milestone once he's given me the feedback? It's strange that we can't update milestone deadlines and the client approves that? 

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The dates are simply a note, it will not be enforced by the system or anything.


Clients will always have 14 days to either approve or request revision, after you click the 'submit work for payment' button. So you do need to click this button once you feel a stage (milestone) is complete.


Congratulations for having your first 3 projects in less than a month! Don't lose the momentum! 😁 If I may ask, how many connects have you bought/spent?

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