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Milestone met, now client MIA - Can I cancel contract?

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Krista E Member Since: May 1, 2017
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I accepted a contract with a client to summarize his weekly podcast. The budgeted contract was for $400/month. The first (and only) milestone listed was for the first article, due April 1st. 


I submitted the article, and the client released the $100 for that first milestone, and then promptly ghosted. 


I've reached out a couple of times, but haven't heard anything back from them. 


So...what do I do now? Do I let it go dormant, or do I cancel it, or do I flag the client? Which of these is least likely to botch up my JSS? 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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You have sent one message confirming that you are ready to work on the next milestone when you receive instructions for doing so and when that milestone is funded.


You have been paid all the money that was funded in escrow.


Now you are done.


Do not do any more work until there is more money funded in escrow. Because a "$400 agreement" is meaningless if only $100 was funded.


Do not work. Do not contact the client.

When the client wants you to do more work, she will contact you.


Until then, be patient. If you eventually never hear back from them, you can close the contract. Doing so will not hurt your JSS unless the client doesn't provide feedback AND you have a pattern of too many zero-feedback contracts.