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Milestone not paid after being funded with verified payment method

Hey, hope you're safe and doing well. I need to discuss an issue with you regarding a payment issue that has just surfaced on my profile with my client.

I got a job offer and I accepted that, and client  funded the milestone successfully but after some time I got an email from Upwork that you contract is "on hold” so I stopped working and told the client to resolve the payment issue first.
The client did communicate with the Upwork support and the issue was resolved
and I got an email from Upwork meanwhile:
"You can resume working”. and "Your contract was reactivated"
so, I again started doing the work as I should have to after that “I have completed the work now and the client is about to release the milestone but it appears before the client that verify your primary payment method. Although his payment method is already verified as there is a green mark. So it's so frustrating for me that I am not paid yet even I have completed the job and now About to get my payment. I told the client to contact Upwork support as well.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi Abdulrehman,


I'd like to check this for you. Could you please confirm the contract ID so I can check? Thank you!

~ Joanne

The contract ID is “”24220312””.
Thank you.

Hi Abdulrehman,


Thanks for following up, and for sharing the contract ID. I've shared your concern with the team about this for further assistance. 

~ Joanne
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