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Re: Milestone

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Jean Pauline A Member Since: Apr 21, 2019
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Hi, I´m new to the platform and the project that I currenly have is Fixed price. I get paid biweekly so my first pay is on the 8th of April. I have received that milestone but I cannot see any option on my Jobs to add another milestone for the 2nd milestone for the month. Does the client have to create it or I have to submit propose a new contract to add another milestone.

Thank you!

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Sudesh K Member Since: Mar 17, 2019
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After the completion of the first milestone, you will not be able to create the 2nd milestone i.e. only the client can create that 2nd or 3rd milestone for you. After that, you can accept and start working on that milestone. You can also decline if you want. (You don't need to submit any new proposal for the same project at which you are working).

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