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Minimum Hourly Should be $2 Or provide the option to the Clients for different rates.

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Bushra S Member Since: May 7, 2012
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Odesk is testing the different rates,I really like that. I have been start work on Odesk Sine 2 May,2012.But unfortunately found jobs on low rates because here is the Competition for the Low bids which is not good for the contractors.(More work and Low Rates) so that's why I switched to another freelancer site ,I also have found other odesk contractors there bcz there minimum hourly rate is $3. But Dear Odesk: I suggest you minimum hourly rate $2 which affordable for Clients and contractors as well. OR Provide the Limits,So that your Clients get the Benifits and Set the Rates according to their job Complexity: I.e Min $1/hr- Max$10/hr Min $5 and Less than $15/hour etc..... I really like Odest,but here will be need to slightly increase the rates. Thanks Odesk!