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Misleading oDesk support team information


I am from India and would like to make new freelancer informed about some facts of oDesk Customer Support CIRCUS.

I am new to oDesk. Before transferring my earnign from odesk to my account for the 1st time,  I contacted oDesk support tem through oDesk chat in last month. I decided to opet for LFT option and wanted to be clear about my doubts.

Against my doubts, I was informed-

1. oDesk donot charge any fee ($1.99) for 1st transaction if the transaction done automatically by oDesk.

2. Upon withdrawing available funds to bank, oDesk applies the conversion rates in accordance to the bank.

3. Once I transfer funds, I shall receive a second email of confirmation, This will indicate the actual exchange rate.

Now after transaction I come to know that --

1. oDesk has NO free transaction now-a-days and my 1st transaction has been charges $1.99 today though I was a pre-schedulled automatic transfer.

2. Conversion rate is set by transferring platform, bank has zero involvement in it. Bank will just receive the fund as INR. Govt. has some charge if the trsfer initiated by any platform (here it is oDesk) or there will be no charge if it isdone through account transfer. Account transfer charge of oDesk bank will be applicable only.

3. My transfer is initiated 8 hours ago but till the above mentioned 2nd email is pending, so I don't know whether the amount has been transacted or not; If transacted then what is the exchange value?



I shall update whatever will happen with this transaction to make others aware of this fund transfer process.

I don't know whether oDesk has any honest clarification or not.




Soumi R

After 9 hours, now I have received the payment process confirmation mail along with all the details like the transacted amount (actual amount - $1.99), conversion rate, converted local currency value and expected delivery date.
But till 1st and 2nd point mentioned in the above post requires oDesk clarification.


Soumi R

Finally the amount is credited in my SBI account after 2 days of oDesk confirmation of payment. The amount transferred by oDesk is exactly the amount credited in account. So, the final payment calculation includes

  1. oDesk charge 1.99$
  2. conversion rate of oDesk at the time of transaction

1.99$ is fixed amount, conversion rate will be confirmed by oDesk after the transaction being processed.


SBI, India has no charge in receiving the amount. No goverment charge/tax is applicable on this transaction.


So, after payment processed, oDesk will send you a mail informing the exchange rate and the value of the payment in your currency. That mentioned currency will be credited in your SBI account in India.


** My transaction was below $1,000 or Rs. 50,000/-. I have no idea of above it.**


Hope the new freealancer will be helped by this post.


Soumi R