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Missing Account Data


     I deleted my account earlier this year and have since recreated it. I don't see any information from the previous contracts I had on here earlier this year. Is there anything I can do about this? I'd like to have a summary of how many hours I worked, for what clients, and for how much money.



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I'm realizing what happened now. This account is actually with a different email address (both are forwarded to the same inbox, so looks the same from gmail). I realize that this is a Upwork TOS violation and I would like to rectify the situation any way I can. Since I have not handled any contracts through this account, it is not needed and could be deleted if the other one can be restored. 

Either way what I need is any information I can regarding my previous contracts for tax, income verification etc purposes


Hi Sammy,


Could you please send me a PM with the details of the account you previously closed so I can check? Please click on my name to send me a PM. 

~ Joanne

I've sent you a PM, Joanne

Hi Sammy,


I've restored your original account as per your request. In order to close this new account, you'll need to withdraw your proposals. Once you've done this, please check this help article for instructions on how to close your account, or feel free to follow up with us here and we'll help you close it.



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