Missing Elance



My concern is very clear , i was told to move to upwrok to enhance your earnings but unfortunately I cant enahnce earnign rather it is decresing. There are too much restrictions for freelancers on Up work . Any body can bid on all projects so when a client view above 200 bids he cant choose right one and its very difficult for freelancers to win projects here. There must be category restrictions on bidding. Moreover, connects are too much less, Elance provides us 60 Connects and we were able to bid for 60 projects averge 2/day. 


Second is Payment restrictions we cant withdraw randamly or when we need , always payment ws withdrawn when needed. other is charges on every withdrawl but no charges were on ELance for first withdrawl in a Month.


Deduction is too much it should be less than 8%.


we cant edit proposal writings once submitted .

we have no friendly or fully equiped Userinterface Like Elance.


There are too much things that made me worried on Upwork. 


Please provide us same level of facilities as we were using Elance. Else we have only option to search another ways.




You can withdraw whenever you want, and one or two dollars for a Paypal or Skrill withdrawal isn't the end of the word... especially if you just withdraw once a month. Your first point is slightly contradictory as well... you want more restrictions so clients aren't getting hundreds of proposals, but you want less restrictions on connects; which would result in more proposals per project. You can't have your cake and eat it unfortunately.


Not entriely sure about the fees being less than 8%. You know that Elance fees are 8.75%, right? 


I agree with everything else though. 

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I really Missing Elance functionality on upwork, are developers still working on upwork website to make it more similar functionalities? I loved Elance for their functionality and security, proposal connects, membership method.



Sir please don't mind , i have shared my experience. so 8.75 was good instead of 10%, and proposals should have quota extended but in domain of categories.

I also very much missing Elance. My earning also have been decreased and decreasing day by day. I don't know: why? Where is my problem here.

But I beleive: Upwork also has many advance functionality, which was need at Elance. But Upwork need all Elance functionality/features.


It's just my opinion.



~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
Be honest, works will looking for you.

I am totally agree with Robina S without his last sentence: "Else we have only option to search another ways". Actually: may be, we (Elancer) have/had problem on experience based on Upwork style/restriction. We have to try to learn Upwork style to enhance earning.




Thanks to all,


Saiful Islam,

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~ Saiful, Upwork Freelancer
Be honest, works will looking for you.



I am a freelancer working on both elance and odesk.


For me both platforms had + and - but newly upwork user interface, user experience are really bad.


As other users already said it upwork should keep Elance user interface and all the tools (invoices, transactions etc).

On Elance everything was and still is very easy and intuitive.

Elance will be very very much missed.


Thank you!


Yes I agree with your guys client will never read 100-200 bids.


Hello guys, Missing Elance platform too,


I think I was addicted to It, I never thought a day would come and I will be force to leave it. 

Now on the Upwork platform, I am hopping things will work for the best. Thanks to upwork, I have got just 1 contract in two months while on Elance I used to get many invites everyday!

I am also worried about Upwork's payment terms, the $1 or $2 cherge on widrawals. In my opinion this is unecessary since they already charge 10% of your earnings. 


Best regards, 

Alex M

Web designer 

Best Regards,

Alex M.
Web designer.

There's no featured bid option as available on Elance. How can we stand out if there are 20, 30 proposals already received?


People don't even read the job description and just copy paste a predefined text on all jobs. That causes a huge competition and without being able to feature a bidm we just can't win.


Please help!! 

A quick thought for those wondering why their earnings are decreasing:


The market is likely becoming saturated. There is a reason you're seeing 100+ bids on a contract. There are more freelancers to chose from, but the client side demand hasn't kept up. 


Specialising in a certain area or topic is vital. Stand out from the crowd, build your connections, and keep repeat clients.  If your earnings are decreasing there must be a reason. If the quality of your work hasn't changed then you need to see what else you can change in order to keep the dollars rolling in.


In this sort of marketplace, it is essential to stay on top of your skillset. Don't get slack and just hope to keep getting the same sorts of contracts. This isn't an easy gig...


Simon, you may certainly be right, but the lack of category restrictions is also taking its toll. On elance the monthly fee allowed us to be listed in two categories. Without category restrictions, virtually every job I've applied for has had double or triple the bids that I saw on elance. I understand that upwork is a bigger market, but there needs to be more professionalism and exclusivity in the bidding process. My biggest concern is this place will become another Freelancer, which is the furthest thing from professional. If upwork wants to attract the best and brightest, it needs to bring back some of the exclusivity of elance. 


Unfortunately, I've also found myself bidding 3-4 times a day on upwork, something I never did on elance. On elance I was also allowed to bid with more connects in order to have my proposal top-listed.


I agree with the OP on the functionality aspect. Upwork is a very slow interface. I even had a client cancel a job because of how cumbersome it was to process and track hourly jobs. 


It has been a frustrating transition so far. 


Just for the record: I have been a level 8. translator after just 6 months on Elance, but have not landed even one single job on Upwork so far. 


I can agree with Robina, and all of you, who say that the simplest way to improve the platform would be to take and implement the Elance user interface as it is.


If it is not possible, I'd recommend at least the followings:


1. There should be a clear indication if a client finished hiring. Right now, we only see is x hires, but no way to know, if he is looking for more people ot not.


2. It should be seen, (just like on Elance) who won the bid and what is the amount. It is a valuable information for us for future biddings.


3. Proposals should be editable: it is hard to spot typos in the small window, especially on small wireless devices. Also some formatting options could help to make the proposal easy to read.


4. Secret grading of freelancers based on their proposals is both unethical and unnecessary. I say this both as freelancer and as a client. Client is expressing their opinion by their choice, who they hire. Most likely they won't even read all the proposals, yet judging them is just a click away. There are too many scenarios, where the client can create misleading results in the reputation and score of a person.
- Client post with a budget way under the normal rate (e.g. $0.02 per word for translation, while industrial average $0.08-0.11, Elance freelancer rate $0.03-0.05). Proposal is offering twice of the budget, client gets upset and gives a low grading - in secret.
- Client in India forget about the timezone, and tries to reach the freelancer desperately - at 3am. Eventually the work gets done, bad the bad merit stays.


I am worried about the future, just like most of you. Hope change is on the way...





What I am missing:
1) Internal rating of quotes... I have to keep track of quotes now outside of your system... otherwise I have no clue who I liked and why


2) Internal notes with quotes... I cannot make remarks for a quote just for myself... basically again to decide who is most suited for the job


3) The message center is very very confusing. I do not have a clear fast overview of the thread of emails... there is only a short small box.. this is unmanageble when the thread is long


4) I liked to see the last message exchanged next to the overview. Now I have no clue who I am waiting for an answer and who already answered

Hope you can do something about that.. that would make everyones work to select a quote much easier

Unfortunately, I question how much credence the impact of the merger would have on freelancers. It would be an interesting share of what, if any, focus groups or polls were taken. To me, our voices were not even considered. So far, from my experience, our voices and the impact were not even included. How sad an oversight and respect of those who have served all platforms: Elance, Odesk, and now - a much "diluted" convergence with Upwork. A business plan for $50.00 ... a marketing strategy for $40.00. Seriously? Where's the upgrade in Upwork? Or is the expectation that freelancers will "shoulder" that bridge? 


Do corporations ask their employees if they should merge? It's just business. They feel that it's going to increase profits. Only time will telll, but really I don't know why anyone is suprised that people who use the platform weren't asked first. That doesn't make any sense. When does that ever happen? The less you take this stuff personally, the faster you'll be able to readjust and use the platform in a way that makes you money.

TOTALLY DISAGREE. It's call due diligence ... impact assessment ... SWOT Analysis. AND ALL have an impact on projected revenues ... profits. THAT'S business. And that requires conducting an impact assessment of ANY and ALL shifts and changes in platforms and what the results and potential impact will be - positively or adversely. REMEMBER the "product" for the Elance/Odesk/Upwork business model is PEOPLE. Therfore, if you change/alter the "product" you have to assess the pros/cons/ups/downs that will happen --- and the consequences on your "product" --- which is both us as freelancers and the corresponding impact, positive/negative on clients. To do any major business model platform shift without taking ALL into account is arrogant at worst and negligent at least.

@Cheryl M wrote:

TOTALLY DISAGREE. It's call due diligence ... impact assessment ... SWOT Analysis. AND ALL have an impact on projected revenues ... profits. THAT'S business and yes, making a impact assessment of ANY and ALL shifts and changes in platforms and what their impact will be - positively or adversely.

They likely did the analysis and figured out that it would eliminate those who have a negative impact on the platform.  While it feels like a negative impact to some freelancers, others are probably much better off.  Sometimes you need to purge to make things better.  Like when you drink too much...  Smiley LOL

No. What you describe is a "hedge bet." And a highly arrogant business going forward move. It will work in the short-term, but it will leave the corporation open to those who see the weaknesses to attract talent away. That's the risk factor. Because there are far too many ex-Elancers who are NOT seeing improvement and are NOT in love with the new platform. And that was undervalued in terms of the W (Weakness) and T (Threat) in whatever SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) analysis that was conducted, and to date evidenced in the merger implementation. 

I've done many SWOT analyses, as it was a focus of my major.  I would buy stock options to hedge bets.  Keeping Elance would be a hedge bet (one fails, and there's a backup).  Nothing that I said was a hedge bet.  Maybe you were replying to someone else, or another post...?


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@Cheryl M wrote:

TOTALLY DISAGREE. It's call due diligence ... impact assessment ... SWOT Analysis. AND ALL have an impact on projected revenues ... profits. THAT'S business and yes, making a impact assessment of ANY and ALL shifts and changes in platforms and what their impact will be - positively or adversely.

Sure, of course they did this, but what type of input from freelancers would be relevant for them to make a merger decision? Companies look at the bottom line and figures. The opinions and feelings of everyone else don't matter. The unfortunate fact is that if you leave, they have no real loss. Someone will take your place. Everyone is expendable.


I have a few Elance customers who come to me because their Elancer disappeared. No real value was lost by Elance and now Upwork, because now I do the work. If I leave, my customers will find someone else. IT's just like a good employee leaving. It sucks, but the business will be fine and find someone else.


Elancers will do much better if the let go of thinking of themselves as the be-all end-all of Elance, and just determining how they can use this system to make it work for them. Personally, I am doing much better here than Elance. All of the screamers saying their customers won't come here do not represent what I am experiencing. All of my longterm Elance customers came here, hired me, and we've basically just started where we left off. 


I'm also so busy with invites and work that I'm refusing phone calls at the moment. lol This platform has a lot of great customers, it's very profitable, and once you get used to it, it's no different than the whole Elance fun and games.

Happy for you. Onward. Wish that a higher degree of others felt and experienced the same. But comments, based on OUR experiences and realities don't indicate that --- and most importantly, job awards just aren't the same as yours. And you cannot disqualify or easily dismiss our realities. But ALL THE BEST and continued Upwork success to you!  


"My concern is very clear , i was told to move to upwrok to enhance your earnings but unfortunately I cant enahnce earnign rather it is decresing."


This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket.  Upwork doesn't limit us to the platform.  


I didn't really like Elance, but I did like having more than one basket to put my eggs in.  I have lots and lots of baskets because I know it's my own fault if I fail to earn.  Create more baskets to put your eggs in and it won't matter to you as much.  Maybe Upwork isn't the ideal platform for your skill set.  


Also, I think Upwork checks for spelling and grammar.  If you write like this with clients, then you're probably hurting yourself (JSS, etc...).  I realize it's a forum so I'll let it slide, but it's a reflection of your attention to detail, which is what makes money on Upwork.