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Missing name from job applicants

Hello fellow freelancers,



I have just noticed that since 2 days ago, my applications for jobs are sucessfull but am missing from the list of applicants. what could be the problem?


I just feel that as my name is missing out from the list of applicants, the clients are not able to see my applications.


Kindly assist me ASAP.


kind regards



Your account is probably under review. You need to send following question to customer support:

"Is my account under review? What should I do?"

Hello Preston,


Thanks for the candid reply. please asisit me with the email that i can use to contact the customer support for qucik repsonse.


Also Preston, what normally happens when an account is under review? is there a place on my profile where i can check? does it affect my ability to get jobs and reach potential clients?


kindly assist.



Just send customers support the two sentences I gave you (in quotes). Do not send them more than that, or you will confuse them and it will take longer to get response.

What happens when your account is under review?

You can apply to jobs, but your name is not seen in applicant lists because your applications are 100%'blocked from being seen by clients. So, yes, it completely stops you from getting new clients or new jobs. You can continue to work for existing clients.

Is there a place on your profile that you can check?

No. There is abolutely no way you or a client can tell that your account is under review by looking at your profile or your records.

The only way to tell for sure if your account is under review is to ask customer service. (Well, sometimes people get lucky when they post questions or complaints in the community forum and a moderator directly helps by looking up their account status, but that is hit or miss and not the right way to find out.)

Sometimes customer support will not understand a contractor's question and will provide an incorrect answer about their account status. This is rare, but it happens, so that is why it is important to make your question very short and very simple when you ask about your status.

Also, keep in mind that oDesk does not generally notify contractors proactively that their amount is under review. Odesk waits until you ask them.

This is not a bug.

Occasionally there have been periods of time during which ODesk has expressed a desire to proactively notify contractors, and there may have been times during which a policy of proactive notification have been in place. But these policies do not necessarily result in actual notification if technical hurdles are not overcome. Automatic email notification is a technical hurdle which oDesk has sometimes struggled with.

Hello guys,


is this the right address for me to channel my issue  accountreview@odesk.com?

 i have also channled my problem through the support desk and recived three different tickets but i have not recived any feedback.


is it possible that my account is under review and yet i have not be informed of the same?


Now that am applying for jobs and my name does not appear on the list of applicants, shold i stop or just continue?


if any odesk moderator happens to see my post kindly assist?


regards all


re: "Is it possible that my account is under review and yet I have not be informed of the same?"




I never received any notice when I was put on review, and there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of posts in the community forums from other contractors who report the same.


re: "Now that am applying for jobs and my name does not appear on the list of applicants, should I stop or just continue?"


You should definitely ask customer support if your account is under review, to verify.

But if your name is not showing up on the list of applicants, it seems fairly certain that your account is under review and that the clients have no way of seeing any job applications you send. Even if your account is "auto-hidden" for not being a strong match, your name should show up in the list of applicants.

Hi Preston,


i want to thank you for the previous help that you accorded me though am still in a fix.


i have sent an email to accountreview@odesk.com regarding my name missing from the list of applicants but am getting no feedback.


i have sent the email from my gmail account because av been unable to send it from my account.


what else can i do to know the status of my account? i want to apply for more jobs and keep on working?


When an account is under review, does it lead to an ultimate shut down, or how long does it take for it to come back to normalcy?


please help me where you can.


kind regards.


Re: " i have sent the email from my gmail account because av been unable to send it from my account."

I think you should try contacting oDesk support using a method which is NOT email.

I suggest you log into your oDesk account and click on question mark icon in upper right corner of screen, then click on Help and Support link that appears in drop down menu. You will be taken to ODesk Help Center page. Once there, you can click on Green "Submit a Request" button. Use that instead of email to ask your question about whether or not your account is under review.

Re: "When an account is under review, does it lead to an ultimate shut down, or how long does it take for it to come back to normalcy?"

Usually having your account under review does not lead to suspension from oDesk, but sometimes it does, but that would typically only be do unto a pattern of repeated negative outcomes with client satisfaction or because of clear violation of oDesk policies.

Although accounts are put on review by automated algorithms, it takes an actual human oDesk worker who reviews you account to actually suspend a contractor's account.

If you prepare your account for formal review by completing all current contracts and having all clients close the contracts, then you will need to wait two weeks and then you can contact customer support to have them begin their formal review of your account, which they say can take two weeks, but it may take less time; it may take more. You will not be notified of the outcome.

Hello Petronila,

I am facing the same issue. And in my case, I got to know that it is happening because my profile is under review and oDesk support team will activate it later. But you will also required to get contacted with oDesk support team, probably, they would have sent you a mail about this.


Hi Petronila,


When you log into your account, you'll see a tab in the top, right hand side of the screen.

Click 'help and support'.